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In this ages of network-connected technology, we rely on our devices to work 24 hours per day. When things are working well, life is awesome. But what happens when something stops working reliably? The reality is, even the finest electronic devices can crash and need updating from time to time to get new features and stay secure. Meet Krika, your connected devices tracker, and new best friend.

Krika mini Krika One
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  • Automatically locate and identifies all network connected devices (SNMP, UPNP, HTTP, SSH, SSL…)
  • Displays operational data including up time, firmware version, expansion devices etc.
  • Monitors system performances providing easy to read dashboard and reports.
  • Send notifications via email and text (SMS) if a device stops functioning properly.
  • Remotely reboot or Wake-On-Lan a large variety of connected devices
  • Compatible with leading control system, AV gear, security equipment and much more.