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Formation : Ce que vous devez savoir sur les contrats de maintenance avant d’en proposer un à vos clients

Enseignement Théorique en Français à télécharger pour comprendre tous les concepts essentiels sur lesquels reposent une offre articulée autour d’un contrat de maintenance.

Formation : La nouvelle manière de proposer un contrat de maintenance en 2019

Atelier pratique en Français à télécharger pour rédiger noir sur blanc un contrat de maintenance simple, lisible et efficace. Disposez en 2 heures chrono de votre contrat de maintenance personnalisé et pret à l’emploi.

Krika box classic: a must for every project.

The best way to run the Domotz platform, this ultra-reliable piece of custom designed hardware should be one of the first products on your project specifications.

Low cost and quick to install and configure, the Krika Box is also perfect for keeping on your installation vans to add existing projects to your Domotz portfolio.
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Krika one: the bodge killer, period.

Many professional often install a budget PC running Microsoft Windows, TeamViewer and all their important professional software. They use it as a remote supervision solution. Knowing the addition of weaknesses of such a bodge, the Krika One takes advantage of Virtualization technology to offer the same utility with a much higher level of security and reliability. Based on a high quality hardware running Linux as primary OS, the Krika one combines the Domotz monitoring agent with a virtualized ready to use Microsoft Windows. Running essential softwares into isolated virtual machines drastically reduces the risk of freezing the entire unit in case of a software crash or human mistake.
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