Krika is a custom installer oriented service embedded
in a smart standalone box installed in all end users’ locations.

What Krika can do for AV professionals?

Supervision: Automatically send email or text (SMS) notification if a deemed important devices disappears from the network


(In this case, one of the C4 processors is no more present in the local network)

Hypervision: Automatically send email or text (SMS) notification if a deemed important status in a devices need attention


(In this case, the Wi-Fi signal is of the Sonos device below the minimum level set by the professional himself)

Help to understand the behavior of connected devices and the ISP out coming connection with the Network DVR



(Every device under supervision log one month of “connected” or “not connected” statut. In this case, we can easily spot 4 devices with exactly the same behavior)

Remotely reboot or Wake-On-Lan a large variety of device.


(Just configure your device as Wake-On-Lan compatible in the Krika Dashboard and you’ll be able to remotely turn it On. Krika also remotely reboot devices like Sonos, Control4, Crestron…)

Connect world wide processionnal each other thru the WHEOSE, the IOT based social network