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The Domotz agent is an incredible flexible software compatible with a wide variety of environment. You can install it almost everywhere: NAS, PC, Laptop, routers, virtual machines…

Nevertheless, wisdom tells us not to put our eggs in one basket. If your host freezes, you’ll lose both your host’s service and the Domotz agent. Having the Domotz remote supervision agent embedded into a dedicated device, isolated and independent of any other host system is the most clever and stable way to ensure 100% reliability.

A dedicated hardware is not subject to service interruption in case of its hosts upgrade or failure. With such strategic services as network remote supervision, the Domotz agent must always be running with 100% SLA.

Think about it next time you need the Domotz agent… Buy a Krika box powered by Domotz.

Benefits of Domotz Hardware

Plug and Play Deployment
Domotz hardware already has the agent installed so there is no configuration required. Simply plug in the hardware and follow the instructions on the Domotz Pro app to get started.

Automatic Software Updates
Domotz hardware is always automatically updated with the latest software version available. There’s no need to manually perform any software updates.

Faster Support
Includes a provisioning service, so we can provide faster support and also customize configurations based on your network requirements.



  • 1GB DDR3L


  • 4GB eMMC

Network Connectivity:

  • Gigabit Ethernet

Additional Connectivity:

  • 1x USB 2.0
  • Power supply: 5V/3A micro USB type connector with US, EU and UK plugs

In The Box:

  • Power supply (110/220v)
  • Flat Gigabit Ethernet cable

Other Highlights:

  • Premium Casing
  • Open Architecture
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Multi-VLAN support

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