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Krika Boxes

100% Powered by Domotz

Krika box classic: a must for every project.

The best way to run the Domotz platform, this ultra-reliable piece of custom designed hardware should be one of the first products on your project specifications.

Low cost and quick to install and configure, the Krika Box is also perfect for keeping on your installation vans to add existing projects to your Domotz portfolio.
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Krika one: the bodge killer, period.

Many professional often install a budget PC running Microsoft Windows, TeamViewer and all their important professional software. They use it as a remote supervision solution. Knowing the addition of weaknesses of such a bodge, the Krika One takes advantage of Virtualization technology to offer the same utility with a much higher level of security and reliability. Based on a high quality hardware running Linux as primary OS, the Krika one combines the Domotz monitoring agent with a virtualized ready to use Microsoft Windows. Running essential softwares into isolated virtual machines drastically reduces the risk of freezing the entire unit in case of a software crash or human mistake.
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Krika box Classic Krika one
Domotz Remote Network Monitoring Agent
Domotz Pro monitors all IP devices on any network regardless of the brand. iPhones, Sonos, TiVo, printers, Roku and anything else. Device status is checked every 30 seconds. Any device status changes are reported to the cloud and are visible via the Domotz Pro mobile and web apps in real-time.
✅ ✅
Multi Subnets & multi-VLAN
Support for monitoring /22 subnets and multi-VLANS at no extra charge.
✅ ✅
SNMP Monitoring
The software includes advanced SNMP and TCP Monitoring functionalities through Domotz Eyes. The Domotz Eyes enable the ability to specify SNMPv2 OID to be monitored. The ability to set-up alerts (based on the value of the OID)
✅ ✅
Automated Network Mapping
Through the automated network mapping feature available in Domotz PRO the devices connected to the individual ports of a managed network switch are automatically detected. You don’t need to specify which device is where. Even if you move a device, through automatic network mapping Domotz PRO will still keep track of the new port. The advanced network mapping feature significantly reduces the set-up time of managed network switches. This feature isn’t offered by competitors and so is unique to Domotz Pro.
✅ ✅
ZigBee Monitoring
Monitoring of ZigBee nodes via Control 4.
✅ ✅
Cresnet Monitoring
Scanning and Monitoring of non-IP Cresnet networks and devices. Get device ID, model, status, description, firmware version and TSID. Reboot Cresnet devices from the Domotz PRO app.
✅ ✅
Remote Power Management
device reboot, PoE and Auto and on Demand Wake-on-LAN. Supports network switches and PDU’s.
✅ ✅
Flexible Remote Access
Remote access to web, console and remote desktop devices. Supports remote access using http/s, RDP, SSH or Telnet connections.
✅ ✅
Automated Network Mapping
Automated discovery of devices connected to a managed network switch. Supports SNMP and PoE to monitor the data traffic and manage power of individual ports.
✅ ✅
Network & Device Alerts
Email and push notification alerts for network status, device offline and when a new device is found (intruder alerts). Unlimited alerts at no extra charge!
✅ ✅
Network Diagnostics
Speed tests, internet health checks, network history log and Ethernet port monitoring.
✅ ✅
Monthly Reports
Monthly reports that you can download, email and share with customers. Perfect for helping customers understand the value of remote support.
✅ ✅
Customer-facing app
Give your customers an app customised with your name and logo that helps them check their connection speed and manage devices.
✅ ✅
Team Management
Manage your networks and customers in teams. Add and delete team members as needed. Includes varying levels of permissions.
✅ ✅
Manufacturer Support
Support for manufacturer-specific features enabling Pro dealers to launch streamlined support sessions. Currently available for Luxul and Nuvo devices.
✅ ✅
Genuine Windows environment
A proper ready-to-use Microsoft Windows session is available in a virtual machine, already set-up, already registered.
❌ ✅
Install your own softwares
You can install all your softwares in the Microsoft Windows session.
❌ ✅
Local Windows Backup
Thanks to Virtualization, if your Windows Session has crashed for any reason, a backup copy is already available on the local disc so that you can recover a stable environment in no-time.
❌ ✅
TeamViewer access 
Your Windows Session is provided with a TeamViewer Host for remote access.
❌ ✅
USB support
Monitor and update your devices locally via USB, avoid risky VPN behaviour.
❌ ✅

Domotz Credits Vouchers

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